Google wants to help developers convert more users from their Play Store listings, and thus is updating the Google Play Store Listing Certificate program.

The certificate program is a self-paced training course that teaches mobile marketing best practices. It was first introduced in 2021. 

The latest update adds content related to custom store listings (CSLs) and store listing experiments (STEs). 

According to Google, CSLs are different versions of a Play Store listing for different customers, such as users in different countries or inactive users. This helps developers create messaging that is most effective for a particular customer. Google claims that CSLs can increase an app’s monthly active users by 3.5%, according to research it conducted in November 2022.  

STEs provide analytics on which icons, descriptions, screenshots, and more result in the most conversions. 

This update includes four new courses on custom store listings, updates to four existing courses, and nine new study guide videos

“Learning best practices for store listing experiments allowed me to know more about our audience. Something that simple as using the proper icon increased acquisitions of one of our games by approximately 60%,” said Adrian Mojica, marketing creative at GameHouse (Spain) and graduate of the program.