The upcoming version of Google’s mobile operating system Android is now available for early adopters and developers. Early adopters can access Beta 1 of Android Q by enrolling any Pixel device and developers will have access through a preview SDK.

According to Google, the release continues to focus on security and privacy by including work from Google Play Protect and runtime permissions as well as new privacy and security features, new APIs, camera capabilities, faster app startup, and enhancements for innovations like foldable phones.

“In 2019, mobile innovation is stronger than ever, with new technologies from 5G to edge to edge displays and even foldable screens. Android is right at the center of this innovation cycle, and thanks to the broad ecosystem of partners across billions of devices, Android’s helping push the boundaries of hardware and software bringing new experiences and capabilities to users,” David Burke, VP of engineering, wrote in a post.

Other features for the new Android will include more control over location for users; more updates to transparency and personal data; limited access to non-resettable device identifiers; new ways to engage users such as foldables and new screens; ability to share shortcuts; and improved peer-to-peer and Internet connectivity.

Additionally, the team is focused on “modern Android” with requiring targetSDKVersion to 28 in new apps and 64-bit support. Developers looking to take advantage of the SDK and tools will need Android Studio 3.3 or higher, but if they want to leverage the latest fixes for Android Q Burke suggests moving to Android 3.5 or higher.

“We are bringing these changes to you early, so you can have as much time as possible to prepare,” Burke wrote.