Google’s Web Toolkit, also known as GWT, got some love in the form of an acquisition. Today, Google said that it’s purchasing most of Instantiations, the makers of GWT Designer and other Java development tools. Instantiations is also known for its Eclipse tools, which are primarily focused on GUI design in JavaScript and Java.

Eric Clayberg and Mike Taylor, founder and CEO of Instantiations respectively, posted the news on their company’s blog, reassuring customers that their products would continue to be available despite the move to Google.

“We are committed to making this a seamless transition for you,” wrote the pair. “For a short period of time, new downloads of our products will be unavailable while we make the transition, but our service continues uninterrupted for those who have support agreements in place.”

While the GWT and Java tools teams at Instantiations are moving to Google, the Smalltalk tools developers will remain at Instantiations. Those tools include VA Smalltalk, WidgetKit, and WindowBuilder Pro for Smalltalk. Taylor will stay at Instantiations as its CEO.

The rest of the company’s development tools will now be part of the Google product line.

Google itself has not released any statements about the deal. However, in an e-mail, Andrew Pederson of Google’s corporate communications, said, “We’re pleased to welcome Instantiations’ very talented team to Google, and we’re excited to have them begin working as part of our developer tools team.”