A number of third-party SharePoint software providers announced new products or updates at SPTechCon. From content management, to migration, to business intelligence, these products run the gamut of tools and add-ins that enhance and improve SharePoint.

Quest launches AttachThis
With the idea to enable rapid adoption of SharePoint within organizations, Quest Software this week has launched AttachThis, a free tool that enables uploading and tagging of documents directly to SharePoint via Outlook. Users can control where documents are uploaded by using pre-defined document library mappings, and can rename long SharePoint URLs with simpler tags. Administrators can grant access using granular permissions based on recipient list or document location to ensure security.

Learn more at www.quest.com.

GSX Solutions shows Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint
The latest release of GSX Solutions’ GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint identifies SharePoint performance or availability bottlenecks that might negatively impact the workflow to keep mission-critical business applications running. The release provides realistic load-testing results, helps keep all sites in sync, and measures system performance as a user would, among other benefits, according to the company. The software is available for immediate download.

Get it at www.gsx.com/products/gsx-monitor-analyzer-for-sharepoint.

LimeLeap launches Pistachio for data access
Reaching external data from within SharePoint is something that two-third of the participants in a recent Global 360 {www.slideshare.net/Global360Inc/how-are-businesses-using-sharepoint-2010-survey-results} survey indicated that is not available to them. To address that problem, a company called LimeLeap has released Pistachio, which gives SharePoint users access to external data through apps, forms and interactive reports, all, according to the company, without programming. According to the company, Pistachio is a Web Part that can be used to build forms; search screens, lists and reports; and manage data relationships and rules.

Learn more at www.limeleap.com/pistachio/features.

Vizit 5 goes social with integrations
Vizit has unveiled version 5 of its software with NewsGator and Yammer integrations for improved social features, while also boosting its search capability. A beta of the software will be released this month, according to the company. Vizit 5 will bring document management capability in the NewsGator and Yammer social solutions, enabling users to bring content into a conversation, the company said. Vizit 5 also included new digital rights management features for SharePoint document management, such as restricting editing, downloading or printing of documents.

NothingButBranding launches at SPTechCon
New tools to reimagine the SharePoint user experience were revealed by startup NothingButBranding, a company formed by NothingButSharePoint.com editor Mark Miller and some of the team from Sharegate. Branding themes can be chosen at the site-administration level, and populated down through all dependent sites, Miller explained. Six packs of color enhancements are available now on the website.