Sonargraph-Explorer is a new and innovative light-weight static analysis tool that supports the newest language standards of Java, C# and C/C++. The product runs on Windows, Linux and Mac-OS.

Major use cases are:
• Software architecture and quality assessments
• Reverse engineering of legacy code bases
• Code comprehension
• Structural and architectural visualization
• Metrics Gathering
• Finding duplicated code blocks

The product can best be characterized as a Swiss army knife for software architects and developers. It can visualize dependencies between arbitrary elements in different ways. Hundreds of metrics are calculated and displayed and everything is directly connected to the code. Finding and displaying the most complex method in a code base can be done with 2 or 3 mouse clicks.

The product is easy to use and quick to set up. First results become available only minutes after the installation. For C/C++ we support the most popular compiler environments like Microsoft Visual C++, Gnu C/C++ and Clang out of the box. We also support Gnu C/C++ in a Cygwin environment on Windows.

The model derived from static analysis is fully accessible by a Groovy based scripting engine. That makes it possible to develop custom code checkers and even custom metrics. For example it only requires about 20 script lines to find anand mark all code positions, where a superclass has dependencies to a derived class.!