Hive-IO, a leading software-defined infrastructure solution, today announced new capabilities for its cloud-compute platform for a single unified holistic solution of VDI, servers, storage and infrastructure virtualization.

These latest features in Hive-IO version 6 include:

Hypervisor Engine

  • Multi-tenant and fully isolated

Storage Acceleration:

  • Native RAM-based and de-duplication with built in compression

Message Bus Engine:

  • Inventory, user profiles, KPI management, guest control and security forensics APIs

Provisioning Engine:

  • Single-pane-of-glass web management interface with logical pooling of guests across multiple appliances

Orchestration Engine:

  • Open message bus API capable of accepting custom calls multiple software platforms without management architecture

Native Client Broker:

  • Serves HTML5, RDP and plugs into Active Directory

“This latest set of ongoing advances helps Hive-IO clients enhance strategic value and lower TCO within their organizations.  With superior performance over current products, an advanced unified set of features, minimal setup, and automation; the platform’s software-define compute solution leads the way in an industry encumbered by long implementations and high costs.”

Kevin McNamara, CTO and Founder, Hive-IO

Hive-IO benefits include:

  • Reduces cost of a typical VDI implementation by 50%.
  • Shrinks an average of 40% of traditional vendor bloat by removing agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • Solution is delivered on client premise or in hybrid cloud and data never leaves customer premises.
  • The ability to manage the solution or have it managed remotely.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration of the Hive-IO software-defined infrastructure solution or for architecture details email