Telerik, a provider of software application life-cycle and content-management solutions, has released a new version of its Test Studio testing tool with full integration with HP’s Quality Center testing suite, new load testing-capabilities, and browser-based exploratory testing functionality.

Chris Eyhorn, executive vice president of Telerik’s testing tools division, said that the new release has added load testing to the Test Studio stack, which already includes functional, manual and performance testing. He said Telerik’s method of making complicated processes simple is evident in the new load-testing functionality. He added that stakeholders and team members not familiar with load-test writing can easily write tests within Test Studio because the functional tests, which could test end-user actions (such as clicks or scrolls) on a website or some other user experience function, can be mapped so that functions can be load-tested.

For example, if you want to test how many users can purchase airline tickets at the same time, you could map the functional test of purchasing a ticket to a load test of 100 users doing so to see how the system would handle the load, Eyhorn said.

He explained that many customers asked for HP Quality Center integration, and that with this release, test data can be mapped back and forth between the two tool sets.

Test Studio Explore, part of tool’s exploratory-test functionality, allows end users to view websites in any of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari), capture issues with transactions, Web performance or design flaws, and quickly send them to the team through e-mail, as HTML-based files or as Word documents.