Idera, a provider of Microsoft SharePoint management and administration solutions, today announced the availability of its SharePoint productivity toolbox, which combines the company’s PowerShell Plus IDE and SharePoint page profiler for performance tuning.

PowerShell Plus IDE gives users a library of PowerShell scripts that can be used to work with PowerShell cmdlet commands for SharePoint, saving time for developers and administrators. The IDE also supports PowerShell remoting, which lets users run scripts on multiple computers at once. This, the company said, is a big benefit for the administrators of SharePoint farms.

SharePoint page profiler provides rapid detection of performance problems, eliminating manual troubleshooting when performance drops.

“Because SharePoint implementations have skyrocketed, organizations do not always have a dedicated SharePoint administrator, and developers often fall into the role,” said Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera. “This toolbox is designed to give both developers and administrators an inexpensive yet powerful solution to ensure the highest level of SharePoint performance and productivity.”

Idera SharePoint productivity toolbox is available today for $295.