Steven Murphy called it nothing less than “a changing of the guard” in the SharePoint market.

On the heels of his company’s acquisition of SharePoint governance and management software provider Axceler, Metalogix today announced the purchase of Idera’s SharePoint business. Terms of the deal between the two privately held companies are being kept confidential.

The acquisition adds Idera’s backup and diagnostic tools to Metalogix’s growing portfolio of SharePoint tools, CEO Murphy said, and gives his company what he believes is a competitive advantage in the market. The deal also adds Idera’s customer base and brands to Metalogix.

“We’re building out a best-of-breed portfolio that supports infrastructure life-cycle management,” Murphy said. “Tomorrow we’ll say hello to 1,000 new customers. This is a change for them, and any change to the infrastructure has to be answered with what are the benefits, what are the risks. We want to show them how to integrate with the best-of-breed suite of capabilities.”

Metalogix will fold Idera Backup into Metalogix StoragePoint to improve the performance of backing up and recovering large amounts of content. The company will also expand the control capabilities of its suite with Idera’s SharePoint Diagnostic Manager.

Customers have invested a lot of time and money in SharePoint, and as the platform becomes more mission-critical to them, they’ll want to build relationships with fewer vendors. “You can’t be a one-trick pony anymore,” Murphy said. “We’re solidifying our SharePoint portfolio.”

But Metalogix is far from finished. “What’s next?” Murphy said. “A stronger evolution in the cloud, continued rollout of mobile, and…handling other content types. On-premises, SharePoint is the de facto winner. But there will be other content that will integrate as a business-critical level, from Box, or Amazon. Cloud and mobile are driving the conversation,” he said, with an eye toward hybrid implementations.