Infragistics, the design and user experience (UX) software company and a world leader in user interface (UI) development tools, announced today the availability of NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 1.  With leading design and UI toolsets and continued investments in mobility, touch and business intelligence capabilities, Infragistics empowers design and development teams to create and deploy powerful, modern applications that deliver the best cross-platform user experiences possible.

This release marks the inclusion of Infragistics design toolsets into the NetAdvantage Ultimate product suite. NetAdvantage ICONS, professional plug and play graphics that give ‘pop’ to applications and Quince Pro, a full-featured design pattern library collaboration toolset, enable interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and communicate throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Powered by touch-friendly technology and Metro UI styling with Windows 8 compatible, highly-performant UI controls, and compatible with Visual Studio 2011 beta, NetAdvantage Ultimate customers can easily create dynamic applications for deployment across browsers, platforms, and devices.

“UX development blurs the lines between designers and developers and empowers our customers to extend their brand value by conceiving, designing and building applications that deliver the best end user experiences,” said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. “NetAdvantage makes developers and development teams more efficient and effective by enabling them to write reusable native code for a variety of platforms.”

Highlights in this release of Infragistics NetAdvantage platform include: