In its continued push to attract Web developers to Internet Explorer, Microsoft is releasing a new browser just for developers.

The Internet Explorer Developer Channel, available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 developers running Internet Explorer 11, is a fully functioning browser that can run alongside or independently of the main browser. The offering gives developers an opportunity to experiment with existing IE11 browser features, as well as features currently in development.

The developer browser supports the WebDriver standard, allowing automated browser testing of complex user scenarios, as well as the Gamepad API, which allows developers to add JavaScript gaming support to Web applications and enable Xbox controller support.

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The IE Developer Channel is rolling out with several additions and improvements to the F12 Developer Tools suite as well, including:
• Enhanced debugging with event breakpoints
• Richer analysis capabilities throughout memory, and UI responsiveness profilers to support further reduction of noise through a multi-dimensional timeline filter
• Improved navigation with more keyboard shortcuts, as well as new header notifications, allowing quick determination of errors and running of profiling tools

A full list of F12 Developer Tool additions can be found here. More information about the Internet Explorer Developer Channel is available on the IE blog.