The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced that Apache IoTDB is now a Top-Level Project. 

By graduating to a Top-Level Project, Apache IoTDB has proven that it and its community has been well-governed under the ASF’s processes and principles, the ASF explained.

Apache IoTDB is an IoT database that is designed to meet the data, storage, and analytics requirements of IoT applications. 

Key features of the project include high-throughput read and write, efficient directory structure, rich query semantics, flexible deployment, deep integration with open source Big Data projects, and low hardware costs.

“The Internet of Things, especially Industrial IoT, has swept the globe with unimaginable volumes of data,” said Xiangdong Huang, vice president of Apache IoTDB. “To date, both Relational and Key Value-based database solutions struggle to meet the demands of IoT data management. Apache IoTDB is the missing link between current IoT data and IoT applications, and is redefining how IoT data is managed, both in the cloud and on the edge. We are proud to graduate as an Apache Top-Level Project, which is an important milestone in our project’s maturity.”

The project was initially developed by researchers at Tsinghua University. It was accepted into the Apache Incubator in November 2018.