Appian, the low-code development platform, today announced the general availability of Appian Process Mining in order to easily identify and address workflow bottlenecks. With this, organizations are empowered to discover process inefficiencies as well as design and automate those workflows in one unified platform. 

Appian Process Mining brings users a no-code module that works to simplify the preparation and transformation of key enterprise data. Additionally, pre-built process packages with tools such as mapping and dashboards help to accelerate process mining time-to-value.

This release offers users the ability to

  • Identify bottlenecks 
  • Improve performance and results
  • Achieve continuous optimization
  • Focus on insights and minimize data preparation

Microsoft releases TypeScript 4.6 beta

The team at Microsoft recently announced the beta release of TypeScript 4.6. In order to get started using the beta, interested users can get it through NuGet or use npm with the command npm install typescript@beta. 

TypeScript 4.6 in beta brings users several new features, including 

  • Allowing code in constructions before super ()
  • Improved recursion depth checks
  • Indexed access interface improvements 
  • Control flow analysis for dependent parameters 
  • More syntax and binding errors in JavaScript 
  • TypeScript trace analyzer

Fore more information on this beta release, visit here.

Soffos Inc. launches AI powered Q&A learning app

Soffos Inc., an organization dedicated to building educational technology solutions, today unveiled its new AI powered learning app, TestMe. The app is geared towards school and college students to help with exam prep as well as corporate training managers.

TestMe’s AI-driven algorithm reads the contents of any document the user uploads and then takes that information and generates open-ended quiz style questions. The app does not just offer multiple choice answers, it allows test takers to type or speak their own original answers to questions.

College students across the U.S. are now being invited to trial TestMe and it will be generally available internationally in 2022 for students, parents, and teachers. Those interested can sign up here.  

Apache weekly update

Over the last week, 339 Apache Committers changed 2,470,884 lines of code over 3,505 commits. The top 5 contributors are Gary Gregory, Claus Ibsen, Adam Kocoloski, Mark Thomas, and Tian Jiang.

Several updates were also made across Apache projects over the past week. These include 

  • Apache APISIX Java Plugin Runner 0.2.0 released
  • Apache Karaf runtime 4.2.15 and 4.3.6 released
  • Apache NiFi 1.15.3 released
  • Apache Flink 1.14.3 released
  • Apache Geode 1.12.8, 1.13.7, and Kafka Connector 1.1.0 released

For a full list of project announcements, see here