iRise, the global leader in requirements definition and visualization, today announced the launch of its Apple Watch software prototyping design library kit, extending its platform to support fully interactive simulations for the Apple Watch.

With the Apple Watch design library kit, development teams and business stakeholders who use iRise to collaborate on software requirements, designs and interactive prototypes can now, using a rich library of pre-built design components and templates, quickly assemble, iterate and simulate extensions of their enterprise mobile apps for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch went live with more than 3,000 apps available, and this number is forecast to grow to 100,000 in the next year. While competition for bringing apps to market will be fierce, the device’s unique interface and screen size present new challenges and considerations for project developments teams, including pressure to create proofs of concept and accelerate time to market.

“The advent of mobile applications challenged developers both in terms of accelerating processes and learning a new, leaner way to visualize functionality,” said Maurice Martin, iRise president, COO and co-founder. “Wearables present a similar challenge that may be even more intense and unfamiliar, particularly for the enterprise. Iterating collaboratively and being able to see and interact with an app before you start coding will be even more critical to success.”

By identifying and resolving issues early, iRise customers report that they virtually eliminate requirements-related rework, cutting delivery times in half, and reducing overall application development costs by 20% to 50%. Moreover, teams equipped with iRise are able to respond with more agility to changes in their business and industry. Renowned companies like JP Morgan Chase, Unilever and ADP have used iRise to accelerate time to market, improve customer experience, and cut costs in design and development cycles.

The speed with which a development team brings an app to life can make or break a project, Martin added. “Much like tablets and mobile devices, the Apple Watch shows great potential to enhance productivity and efficiency,” he said. “But development teams will need to envision their apps in a whole new way to quickly bring innovative ideas to market.”

The iRise Apple Watch design library kit is available to iRise users today. More details can be found at