iRise, the global leader in enterprise visualization and collaboration software, today announced the launch of iRise 10, bringing its Enterprise Visualization Platform to the cloud, along with new team-level subscription pricing. iRise ensures mission critical software is delivered significantly faster and with less cost by allowing globally dispersed teams of both technical and business stakeholders to collaborate in real-time on software requirements, designs and interactive prototypes.

By identifying and resolving issues early, iRise clients reported virtually eliminating requirements-related rework, cut delivery times in half, and reduced overall application development costs by 20% to 50%. To deliver these results, iRise’s experienced Professional Services team works with each client to develop an adoption strategy that is scalable across the organization. Moreover, teams equipped with iRise are able to respond with more agility to changes in their business and industry.

While iRise 10 brings many of its collaborative prototyping and requirements features to the browser, multiple cloud-based deployment options from iRise provide enterprises with fast and easy ways to jumpstart and scale adoption to ensure that organizations realize improved results immediately.

“Delivering software with speed and agility is more critical than ever before,” said iRise CEO and Co-Founder, Emmet B. Keeffe III. “In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, it’s very difficult to compete without a world-class software development capability. Collaborative visualization is the single best investment organizations can make to ensure they deliver the right software ahead of their competition.”

The new web-based capabilities are fast, easy and intuitive, even for non-technical users. The visualization platform allows all team members to provide instantaneous feedback, which accelerates iteration cycles and creates greater clarity and shared understanding between all parties involved, especially during stakeholder review sessions. Teams across the globe can collaborate in real-time on interactive prototypes, annotate them with requirements, securely share them, collect feedback, generate documentation, and export code to jumpstart development. With integrations to major ALM platforms and a set of open APIs, the iRise platform can be configured and extended to support the specific needs of any organization.

iRise can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, and can be purchased via annual subscription or perpetual licenses.

Additional features of iRise 10 include Shared Libraries where users can quickly assemble screens that conform to corporate design standards from pre­built templates and UI elements that are customizable. Design teams can use Libraries to share design patterns, common screen layouts, media, icons, branded UI elements, interactive widgets, and more. Once screens are assembled, adding basic interactions is as simple as adding animations in Microsoft PowerPoint. iRise 10 also includes support for multi-touch gestures and new mobile devices, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

After the initial mockup and prototype stages, additional fidelity can be added with iRise Studio, the desktop companion application for adding complex behaviors, business logic, and data operations. With iRise Studio, users can transform prototypes into incredibly realistic simulations that stakeholders can actually use and test, without writing a single line of code or script. Simulation helps teams validate designs, optimize the user experience, and reduce the need for changes during development.

“The new editor puts reusable asset libraries at the forefront of the UI, which enables us on the UX team to distribute our standardized UI components more easily across the organization,” said Anna Dinhe, lead UX designer at ADP. “We are encouraging and facilitating standard adherence while lowering the learning curve and making prototyping easier. It’s a win-win.”

iRise 10 is available today, featuring new subscription pricing for teams of at least three authors and 15 contributors for $195/month per author.