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Low-code solutions: Empowering businesspeople to make their own applications

As organizations seek faster time-to-market releases of the software necessary to stay ahead of the competition, new solutions that enable the business to create applications without the need for IT to get involved are starting to emerge. As with all things, of course, there are several angles from which to approach this need. Some platforms … continue reading

iRise 10 brings collaborative visualization to the cloud, introduces new team-level subscription pricing

iRise, the global leader in enterprise visualization and collaboration software, today announced the launch of iRise 10, bringing its Enterprise Visualization Platform to the cloud, along with new team-level subscription pricing. iRise ensures mission critical software is delivered significantly faster and with less cost by allowing globally dispersed teams of both technical and business stakeholders … continue reading

Scaling enterprise agile

For years businesses have been practicing agile, seeing notable success in time to market, productivity and creativity at the team level. Now they want to expand the scope of those benefits. If you asked development teams a year or two ago to identify the biggest agile obstacle, most of them would have said getting management … continue reading

iRise broadens visuals in requirements management

A new API for third-party visualizations and an improved designer are the main components of this update … continue reading Protection Status