ZenHub, the productivity management solution built into GitHub, today announced Productivity Insights, a new solution in its portfolio of productivity management tools. These Productivity Insights offer teams actionable insights of sprint progress and total productivity in real time. 

Productivity Insights automates the process of measuring and analyzing a software development team’s performance and immediately shares that data throughout the entire development organization. 

In addition, Productivity Insights and the analysis it provides is available at a glance from the standard ZenHub UI view that developers regularly use, giving all team members a clear view of the progress that is being made, what still has to be accomplished, and how to work through existing obstacles.

Django 4.0 release

The development team at the Python web framework, Django, today announced the release of Django 4.0. The release brings users several new features and upgrades; for a detailed list, read the release notes here.

Highlights of the release include 

  • The new RedisCache back end provides built-in support for caching with Redis
  • To ease customization of Forms, Formsets, and ErrorList, they are now rendered using the template engine
  • The Python standard library’s zoneinfo is now the default timezone implementation in Django 

Django 4.0 is available for download on Django’s download page or from the Python Package Index

Precisely reveals latest update to Data360 Govern

The data integrity organization, Precisely, today revealed the latest update to its data governance solution, Data360 Govern. This latest version of Data360 Govern is fully integrated with Precisely’s Trillium Discovery solution, which expands on the recent acquisition of Infogix as part of its data integrity portfolio. 

This new update to the Data360 Govern solution provides additional data quality source enhancements. These enhancements include the capability to calculate scores with the updated internal calculation functionality, erasing the need for external APIs.

In addition, a new self-service tutorial is also included, enabling users to learn how to quickly and easily customize data quality scores in the platform. To learn more about the Data360 Govern solution, visit here

PingCAP releases TiDB 5.3

PingCAP, the distributed SQL provider, today announced a series of product enhancements and the general availability of its hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database, TiDB 5.3. These new features strengthen the ability to provide both high volume transaction processing and real-time analytics.

TiDB 5.3 brings users several new features, including 

  • More scalable online transaction processing 
  • Increased efficiency and faster HTAP with TiFlash improvements 
  • Easier to operate at a massive scale 
  • Enhanced developer productivity 
  • Faster and effortless data migration capabilities with TiDB Data Migration and TiDB Lightning 

TiDB 5.3 is now available for download and can be used in the cloud on-premises, as well as in hybrid environments.