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Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 introduces new integrations for on-prem teams

Zenhub has introduced the latest version of its project management solution. Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 includes features that are tailored for businesses that need to store essential data on-site instead of in the cloud.  Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 offers various productivity-enhancing integrations and a new platform experience, eliminating the requirement for users to possess a GitHub account … continue reading

Zenhub’s project management tool now gets help from AI

Many development tool vendors have added AI to their offerings to help developers be more efficient with coding, and now Zenhub is unveiling that it has added AI capabilities to its project management tool to make the whole process of project management simpler.  According to Zenhub, this new offering focuses on the team rather than … continue reading

Report: Investing in tools that allow for better asynchronous communication should be top priority

Tools that make developers happy, improve remote collaboration, and allow for automation of workflows should be at the top of the priority list for companies looking to drive productivity in their development organizations.  ZenHub has released a survey exploring these trends, the 2022 State of Disruptive Software Teams, in which 265 executives, team leads, project … continue reading

SD Times news digest: ZenHub announces Productivity Insights; Django 4.0 release; Precisely revels latest update to Data360 Govern

ZenHub, the productivity management solution built into GitHub, today announced Productivity Insights, a new solution in its portfolio of productivity management tools. These Productivity Insights offer teams actionable insights of sprint progress and total productivity in real time.  Productivity Insights automates the process of measuring and analyzing a software development team’s performance and immediately shares … continue reading

ZenHub makes it easier to follow project roadmaps

Project management tool provider ZenHub is making it easier for teams to follow their roadmaps with the launch of a new solution called ZenHub Roadmaps. The tool is a road mapping solution that integrates with GitHub. According to Aaron Upright, co-founder and head of strategic accounts at ZenHub, one of the reasons roadmaps fail is … continue reading

premium Making project management easier… for developers

In an effort to make it easier for developers to “work where they are” yet still get a bigger picture of enterprise projects and what’s coming down the pike, several project management tools providers are bringing their solutions down to the engineering level. These tools have been important for project managers, but three relatively new … continue reading

ZenHub Epics gives developers more transparency

ZenHub, the project management tool that natively integrates into GitHub’s UI, is taking a different approach to collaboration. The company has announced ZenHub Epics, a new tool that aims to put control and flexibility back into the hands of developers. According to the company, with the rise of DevOps, collaboration between development teams and project … continue reading Protection Status