Project management tool provider ZenHub is making it easier for teams to follow their roadmaps with the launch of a new solution called ZenHub Roadmaps. The tool is a road mapping solution that integrates with GitHub.

According to Aaron Upright, co-founder and head of strategic accounts at ZenHub, one of the reasons roadmaps fail is because they don’t get updated as the project progresses. Because ZenHub Roadmaps integrates with GitHub, it will always be up-to-date and won’t require any manual intervention.

In addition, this tool will help developers feel more connected to the code they’re working on since they can understand how their work fits into the objectives of the company as a whole. “It kind of feels very easy to feel like a part of the moving machine where what you’re working on is hard to trace back to an actual project that gets delivered or a customer that uses it. So we think this is going to be very important for every size of business, but especially for large businesses, to get those developers context into how what they’re building actually contributes to the key projects and initiatives,” he said.

ZenHub Roadmaps will also be an important tool for stakeholder communication. It will offer a high-level view of all software projects in a single location, Upright explained. The solution will be able to provide the level of detail that is needed by a particular user. Users will be able to see the top-line projects, but they can also drill down deeper into individual projects if they need more details, he explained.

“Software is becoming more and more critical to the success and longevity of every company. We’re seeing even the most traditional organizations placing bets on software as the future of their business,” said Upright. “At the same time there has been a considerable gap between the engineering team’s progress and key stakeholder’s understanding of that progress. ZenHub Roadmaps brings the two worlds together in an easy, intuitive way based on the real work of software development.”