Since Russia’s initial attack on Ukraine, 53% of Ukrainian citizens have lost their jobs and over 4.5 million have been forced to flee the country, according to CodeGym, the Ukrainian online course for learning Java programming.

Because of this, CodeGym announced the launch of a special donation program to help Ukrainians that have been severely impacted by the war. 

The company is matching every purchase of monthly and yearly subscriptions with two donations to Ukrainian residents in order to help those who are suffering start a new career in IT. 

For a limited time, CodeGym can offer 5,000 unemployed Ukrainians free access to the company’s Java educational platform to help them get back on their feet and start fresh with a new career. 

Current CodeGym users also have the ability to extend their subscription through the donation program in order to provide the same limited time subscription to two Ukrainians in need. 

The donated subscriptions will be given to those who are internally displaced, refugees, as well as Ukrainians who have lost their jobs in different parts of the country, including the most hostile locations. 

“We stay with our country and continue to do what we do best, to teach people how to program. With your help, we can give 5,000 unemployed Ukrainians a chance to start building their future career. I sincerely hope that our new students will apply the acquired skills in peaceful Ukraine and it will be very soon,” said Alex Yelenevych, co-founder and chief marketing/product officer at CodeGym.

Those who do not wish to learn Java but still want to help can donate a subscription here