The Eclipse Foundation has announced it launched a working group for Eclipse IDE. The Eclipse IDE Working Group will work to ensure the “continued evolution, adoption, and sustainability of the Eclipse IDE suite of products, related technologies, and ecosystem,” according to the Eclipse Foundation. 

The Eclipse IDE Working Group will offer governance, guidance, and funding for communities supporting Eclipse IDE products. 

Companies with members in the Working Group include Bosch, EclipseSource, IBM, Kichwa Coders, Renesas, SAP, VMware, and Yatta Solutions. 

“For 20 years, the Eclipse IDE has provided developers around the world with a powerful open source tooling platform used to create world-class applications and products,” said Mike Milinkovich,executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This new working group will ensure the Eclipse IDE platform is set to fulfill the needs of the millions of developers who use the Eclipse IDE today and in the future.”

The Eclipse Foundation also announced the 2021-06 release of the Eclipse IDE, which is the second quarterly release of the year. 

Eclipse IDE 2021-06 includes new features such as support for Java 16, improved Java tooling, support for Mac AArch 64 for M1 systems, and an improved embedded terminal. 

According to the Eclipse Foundation, Eclipse IDE 2021-06 is the result of a community effort consisting of over 70 participating projects, 110 committers, 174 contributors, and nearly 80 million lines of code. 

Eclipse IDE 2021-06 can be downloaded here