The Eclipse Foundation has just announced its largest release ever of Eclipse Temurin, which is an open source build of Java based on OpenJDK, otherwise known as Eclipse Adoptium

The new release supports 54 different platform and version combinations and five major versions of OpenJDK. According to the Eclipse Foundation, this flexibility highlights the organization’s efforts in supporting a diverse range of builds and architectures.

It also now supports RISC-V microprocessors, which are commonly used for embedded technologies, IoT applications, and high-performance computing. 

“The incredible growth of Eclipse Temurin reflects a strong demand among developers for secure, TCK certified, and community-driven open source Java runtimes,” said Thabang Mashologu, vice president of Community and Outreach for the Eclipse Foundation. “The Adoptium Working Group’s efforts have been instrumental in delivering high performance, enterprise-ready runtime binaries and expanding the potential use cases for open source Java. Eclipse Temurin is one of the first open source Java distributions to support RISC-V, introducing new opportunities for Java in Industrial IoT and beyond.”

According to the organization, growth for Eclipse Temurin has been steady, and the project now has over 380 million downloads, and 50% year-over-year growth according to a recent New Relic survey