Leading Java experts unveil their new flagship jClarity product that solves Java performance problems in both Cloud and Enterprise environments.

Founded in 2012 by world-renowned Java technologists Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg and Kirk Pepperdine, jClarity is a London-based tech start-up that uses data-driven machine learning to create intelligent products that optimize Java in the Cloud and in the Enterprise. Their debut groundbreaking Java analysis tool Censum released in December last year provides clear insight and advice for developers. Hailed as ‘technology you can’t and won’t miss in 2013’ by Nerdability, customers include Google, VMWare, BNP Paribas, Ocado and ERDF.

The new jClarity tool is low impact and simple to configure in both Cloud and Enterprise architectures. jClarity detects a wide range of Java and JVM performance issues and presents them clearly in plain English together with suggested solutions. This enables Java problems to be framed and discussed between development, QA and management, facilitating enhanced communication between stakeholders, faster resolutions and better decision making by product owners.

jClarity delivers value to businesses by increasing operational up-time whilst avoiding lost revenue. Elemica and major financial firms have been trialing the new tool since Q1 2013.

“As both large and small businesses increasingly seek to shift their operations to the Cloud, they face performance challenges which aren’t present in traditional enterprise environments. jClarity can help expose those issues, and allow teams to resolve them early in the project, facilitating a swift migration” says CEO Ben Evans. “Our tool helps companies operate more efficiently and is designed for use by busy technologists.”

Says Dan Hardiker, CTO of Adaptavist, on Censum “We work with companies whose software is key to their business, helping them to tune performance for maximum business value. When we’re trying to get to the bottom of JVM performance issues, jClarity Censum is the go-to tool we use for garbage collection analysis. It goes beyond metrics; it provides intelligence – which means that we can spend more time addressing system and process issues and less time crunching log files. We’ve saved man-months of effort in 2013 already – good news for Adaptavist and good news for our clients.”

jClarity is backed by Aimar Capital, a technology-based venture capital fund based in London and New York.