JetBrains announced in May the second major release of its bug- and issue-tracking tool, YouTrack 2.0. The Web-based tool offers new custom issue attributes, a plug-in to import projects from the JIRA 4.1 issue-tracking tool, and new flexible access control.

Custom attributes allow the user to specify an issue’s due date, complexity, hardware specifications and more. This feature can also be modified to specify who can see certain attributes.

The addition of flexible access control lets YouTrack administrators tune the visibility for individual issues that contain non-public data, without limiting access to the whole project, according to a company statement.
The issue-tracking tool also continues to offer quicker ways to search and track issues by providing a single search box and aided search queries with auto-completion and query-based search syntax. The command window offers an interface where all issues and operations are batched together. Here, administrators can issue assignments, change attributions and associate issues with tags, such as a “fix it today” tag. Issues can also be submitted without opening YouTrack via the Create Issue bookmark feature.

YouTrack 2.0 is available now for a free 60-day trial, or in three editions. The Starter Edition is limited to 10 projects and 10 user accounts for US$149; the Professional Edition is priced at $300 for 20 projects and users; and the Enterprise Edition is $1,200 for any number of projects or users. JetBrains is also offering 25% off the product prices, and each edition includes one year of free support and upgrades.