Those interested in learning Ruby on Rails can now take a 12-week boot camp in New York City this summer. Kaplan Test Prep and Thoughtbot, a Ruby on Rails development and consulting firm, have announced their Web development training program, Metis, will take place in the city starting on June 16.

“As we looked to expand our presence in new-economy skills training programs, New York City seemed a natural fit, as the city has always had a wealth of talent, the region’s tech job market is starting to boom, and it’s a rising force in tech innovation,” said Jason Moss, cofounder of Metis.

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Metis is a new economy skills training (NEST) program designed for individuals looking to become entry-level Ruby on Rails Web developers. The curriculum includes training for HTML5, CSS, and independently creating Ruby on Rails applications. At the end of the program, Metis graduates will attend a hiring day, which will connect them with potential employers.

“Employer demand for technology skills is outpacing supply, and we know that by combining Kaplan’s experience in immersive, outcomes-based learning with Thoughtbot’s technology expertise, we can help train top talent for hire,” he said.

The first Metis boot camp was launched in Boston on Feb. 24 and will wrap up in May. In addition to the New York City summer session, another Boston session will take place starting June 2.

To be accepted into the program, interested individuals must apply. Selected candidates will go through an interview process based on problem-solving questions. Only 25 applicants will be accepted into each Metis session.

Metis offers a US$2,000 scholarship for women, underrepresented minority groups, and veterans or members of the U.S. military. Participants also have the option of guaranteed tuition through a partnership with Upstart in exchange for a small share of their future income over five to 10 years.

More information about Metis is available here.