For more rapid data integration, Kapow Software, a provider of rapid data integration solutions, has introduced Kapow Katalyst 8.0, the newest version of its enterprise platform for data integration and data delivery across applications. At the heart of the platform is the new Kapow Extraction Browser, a browser-based data integration approach that eliminates the need for APIs when extracting data.

By extracting data from the presentation layer of an application, users no longer have to reach into the back end, which eliminates dependencies and the need for an API to extract information, explained John Yapaola, CEO of Kapow. However, the Kapow Extraction Browser can also extract from the application logic or database layers if a user so desires, he said.

Users load an application into the browser, navigate through the application and pull out particular information, he said. From there, Katalyst Design Studio (the IDE within the platform) will automatically build code for that integration and deploy it in one click as an API. Kapow called these pieces of code “smart robots,” which can be reused or scheduled to run at a given time for daily data extraction and integration, for example.

After automatically extracting, transforming, integrating and migrating data, applications can be delivered across Web, cloud, mobile and on-premise applications via the Kapow Katalyst platform. The platform also features a new Web-based management console that enables IT to continuously monitor the status of an organization’s production system across all departments, Kapow said. The console can plug into standard application servers such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and Tomcat.