Kapow Web Data Server 7.2, released today, features a new design studio for users to develop, test, deploy and manage data services. It includes a headless browser that gives the IDE Document Object Model access to break down Web pages into code definitions.

The code definitions are used to program modules to navigate a website and programmatically retrieve its data. Kapow Web Data Server expands supported data types with support for XML feeds.

“It’s not just accessing HTML pages. You can extract and transform data from any XML data source on the Web,” said Stefan Andreasen, Kapow’s founder and CTO.

A new data viewer allows business users to review collected data with any browser, and data retrieval can be set using a Web-based scheduling interface.

The release also adds direct access to secure FTP directories as a service repository, as well as production monitoring and notifications.

“We have traditionally been focused on data coverage—AJAX support was our top priority in [Kapow] 7.0,” said Andreasen. “Now that we’ve solved that, we can add new data-source capabilities and focus on shareability and enterprise compliance to make our product fit nicely into a large IT organization’s stack.”