Kapow Software has released a new version of the dedicated mobile edition of its data integration platform, Kapow Mobile Katalyst version 8.1. The product allows companies to create mobile applications from existing business applications with or without APIs, according to Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO of Kapow.

Katalyst is a desktop-based program (compatible with any OS environment) that allows developers to wrap each Web transaction and deploy it with one click as a SOAP or REST Web service in a Java or .NET environment, according to Andreasen.

The exposed SOAP or REST services mimic human interactions with a website and can condense the actions in order to be compatible with mobile devices. Kapow is able to deliver a mobile front end through its partnership with Antenna Software, which provides the hardware-specific and OS-specific user experience for each newly created mobile application, calling on the SOAP and REST services in order to expose the business application data.

Andreasen said many different verticals are using Kapow’s technology, including financial and e-commerce vendors as well as car vendors. He said Audi is using the technology for its navigation system in the new A8, which creates an integration between Audi’s data centers and the product.