DevSpace is an open-source developer tool for Kubernetes that allows users to develop and deploy cloud-native software with increased speed.

This tool works as a lightweight, client-only CLI that utilizes current kube-context and does not require the installation of anything inside of the user’s cluster. DevSpace works out of the box with every Kubernetes cluster.

With DevSpace, users gain access to:

  • Devspace deploy to create images and deploy projects using helm or kubectl
  • Devspace dev to watch files and update containers while the user codes 
  • Devspace ui which opens a localhost UI specifically for Kubernetes deployment 
  • Devspace init to prepare projects for deployment to Kubernetes quickly 
  • Devspace logs which displays a list of all containers and allows the user to stream their logs
  • Devspace enter which displays a list of all containers and lets users open interactive terminals 

Additionally, the company stated that customers gain a streamlined workflow, faster iterations, a feature-rich UI, a localhost experience, and cross env consistency.

To learn more, visit the website