Kyndryl has launched its Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services. This new generative AI-powered solution aims to transform the digital workplace by automating, accelerating, and streamlining vital business processes. 

It offers a comprehensive package that enhances the digital workplace experience for both employees and customers. The service is particularly beneficial for those looking to leverage no-code/low-code solutions to improve business outcomes, according to the company.

The Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services utilize advanced workflow capabilities and AI automation to simplify business processes, reduce cycle times, and increase investment returns by cutting training and development costs. 

This solution supports the use of platforms like Microsoft Power Platform and other no-code/low-code technologies, enabling customers to empower their ‘citizen developers.’

“The biggest impediment to improving the workplace experience for employees are legacy business processes that are complex and constrained due to components that don’t integrate or work well together,” said Ivan Dopplé, senior vice president of Global Digital Workplace Services at Kyndryl. “We are helping customers overcome their workflow challenges by bringing automation and generative AI-powered digital workplaces to life with our new Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services.”

The solution includes a user-friendly interface that significantly enhances the overall user experience, and the ability to streamline complex processes across various departments, facilitating seamless integrations. Customers can also get real-time visibility and tracking capabilities for fully automated requests, enabling businesses to monitor and manage workflows effectively.

For security and scalability, the tool offers access controls, encryption, and audit trails, and the automation aspect requires no manual intervention.

According to Kyndryl, Workflow Orchestration services are scalable and can accommodate increased workload demands, which is vital for growing businesses. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to customize applications to meet specific business needs, ensuring adaptability to changing requirements and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.