LaunchDarkly, the leader in feature management, today announced it has relaunched a Technology Partner Program as it dedicates more resources and strategy to partners that want to build integrations into LaunchDarkly’s products.

Companies that join LaunchDarkly’s Technology Partner Program will receive exclusive benefits such as early access to LaunchDarkly’s technology, marketing support to increase awareness and adoption of the integration, and enablement resources. Additionally, there are three tiers within the program that partners can move between depending on customer adoption, which in turn enables partners to be upgraded within their tier and to unlock additional benefits.

The Technology Partner Program is available to those companies that seek to build an integration into LaunchDarkly’s product. More details about requirements to join and benefits of the program can be found on the company’s partner integrations page.“As the feature management category pioneer and leader, LaunchDarkly is helping more than 4,000 customers globally to inject feature flagging into how they release software and in conjunction we are working with an impressive list of technology partners that have integrated our feature management technology,” said John Kodumal, Co-Founder and CTO at LaunchDarkly. “As every company is becoming a software company and software launches are essential, we are looking forward to growing the LaunchDarkly ecosystem with additional companies that have identified the power of feature management as a growth opportunity.”

LaunchDarkly’s feature management technology takes the risk out of today’s rapid pace of digital innovation for developers and product teams, and empowers them to not only experiment with both front-end features and back-end optimizations; but also target capabilities to a subset of users or regions, and even revert back to the previous flagged should a launch go awry. According to LaunchDarkly’s 2022 State of Feature Management report, feature management technology has become a must-have with 69% of software and IT professionals noting that it is a must-have, mission critical and/or high priority and 98% believe that feature management saves their company money and delivers a strong return on investment.

Already consisting of nearly 50 leading technology partners such as AWS, Atlassian and Datadog, LaunchDarkly’s Technology Partner Program helps partners integrate with its feature management software to meet this demand.

“ngrok’s mission is to empower developers to get their apps online faster, and we believe it’s important to make it easy for them to work with the tools they love,” said Anders Hinrichsen, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at ngrok. “Our partnership with LaunchDarkly is a no-brainer, they provide users with robust feature flagging capabilities, enabling them to securely ship code with greater confidence and efficiency. We look forward to expanding our joint product offerings for developers everywhere.”

Companies interested in becoming a member of the Technology Partner Program and building an integration with LaunchDarkly should visit or email techpartners at