LEAD Technologies has announced LEADTOOLS Anywhere, an extension of its imaging software to the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Products under this banner will begin to roll out in summer and fall of this year, according to the company.

“Consumers are relying on their mobile devices more and more as a means to stay connected with their online data,” Otis Goodwin, manager of LEADTOOLS developer support, said in the product announcement. “As an example, if a doctor needs to view a patient’s X-ray when they are out of the office or the hospital, or a delivery driver needs the ability to read a change order sent to them in any image or document format, LEADTOOLS Anywhere will have the ability to create the solution that is needed.”

The first release will include an HTML5 viewer, as well as a JavaScript library that will enable images to be viewed on any browser, operating system or device that supports the emerging Web standard, the company said. Interactive features such as multi-touch and gesture support for pan, zoom, magnify and more will be built into the viewer, which the company touts as having zero footprint.

Along with the HTML5 support, the first release will also include JSON Web services that will enable developers to add barcode, advanced image processing, OCR, and extended image format support to their applications.

Following the first release, LEAD Technologies will roll out native libraries for Android and iOS, which will give developers the tools to build imaging apps for those platforms.