ZeroStack announced software that provides consistent development platform for multiple locations

Cloud company ZeroStack announced a software defined infrastructure that provides SaaS-delivered multi-cloud container operations. This will provide developers with a consistent platform to develop on no matter where they are located. A development environment that is cloud-based should eliminate the problem of developers in different locations using different tool sets and hardware.

The Intelligent Cloud Platform is hardware independent so it is not restricted by the type of hardware being used. The Z-Brain SaaS portal allows for the central operation of infrastructure across multiple sites. This allows for processes to remain consistent no matter what hardware is being used. Using this infrastructure, developers will be able to create an environment tailored to their needs and be able to share it across teams.

Apple acquires Regaind, a computer vision API company

Apple has acquired computer vision API company, Regaind, which provides image analysis that helps users understand not only the content of an image, but also its technical and aesthetic values. Companies can use this information when determining what images to use by selecting those that are the most relevant and aesthetically pleasing. The company provides face analysis, which can determine the gender, age, and emotion of people that appear in a photo. They also offer other services, including automatic image duplication, organization, unwanted photo identification, and event summaries using photos.

Walmart releases a mobile app development platform based on React Native

Walmart is releasing a mobile app development platform based on React Native called Electrode Native. Previously, Walmart had an open-source platform called Electrode that powers, but Electrode Native is an entirely different platform built from scratch. Electrode Native provides a streamlined integration of React Native and mobile technology, eliminating the need for developers to be well versed in both.

Electrode Native creates a container that can be added to the existing app. Once the container is added, React Native can be used immediately, making the integration process very simple. There are no heavy infrastructure, code, of development lifecycle changes to existing mobile applications with this new platform.

Fujitsu and Comet Enterprises unveil new solutions at Oracle OpenWorldAt Oracle OpenWorld, Fujitsu introduced a new robot that uses the Fujitsu Zinrai AI to learn and analyze emotions based on several factors using a camera to recognize emotions and faces. The robot will be used in customer service areas, such as reception desks and care facilities. The Zinrai AI will be demoed at the Fujitsu booth at OpenWorld along with the Fujitsu Sai Anomaly Detection Engine and an AI cloud service. The Fujitsu Sai Anomaly Detection Engine detects anomalies in factories which will allow factories to better prevent failures. Their AI cloud service allows for advances in machine learning technology as well as large-scale optimization problems.

Also at OpenWorld is Comet Enterprises, which announced a solution that integrates their LeVAULT security software with the Oracle VM VirtualBox. LeVAULT is software that restricts access to virtual machines and operating systems, while Oracle VM VirtualBox creates virtual computing across multiple operating systems. The combination of the two systems will allow uses to secure host, client and back-end servers. The new solution can either be hosted by Comet or onsite by customers.