LogMeIn, Inc., today announced it has launched Xively Cloud Services, the industry’s first public cloud platform purpose-built for developing and managing commercial products on the Internet of Things. The new offering — formerly known as Cosm in its beta form — is designed to help companies simplify the development of a new generation of connected products that can be quickly deployed on the IoT, easily interact with other connected offerings, and effortlessly scale to billions of devices. As a result, businesses and entrepreneurs can focus on their innovations while significantly reducing the resources, costs and time required to bring new connected offerings to market.

The Xively launch coincides with the announcement that LogMeIn and ARM are collaborating to spur creation of commercial IoT products with the Xively Jumpstart Kit, released today.

“We’re seeing tremendous interest in the Internet of Things from businesses across the board. While there are virtually unlimited ideas for connected products, the one thing they all have in common is the need for a secure, reliable infrastructure that enables interconnectivity and scale. Building this infrastructure would not only be difficult, expensive and time-consuming for businesses, it would also distract them from their main purpose–creating compelling connected products. This presents a great opportunity for vendors that can offer such a proven IoT infrastructure,” said Sam Lucero, Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and Connected Devices at IHS.

The IoT market, which is predicted to generate between $1.2 trillion and $14.4 trillion in revenue and represent over one trillion connected objects by 2020 , has captured the imagination of businesses and consumers around the world.

“We believe that the Internet of Things has the potential to be even more transformative than the Web and mobile Internet before it. And the goal of Xively is to change how businesses view and potentially capitalize on the IoT opportunity — in short, to make the promise of the IoT a near-term reality,” said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to build the next Nest-like device, an established manufacturer looking to differentiate through connected experiences, or a service provider looking to bring new connected services to market, Xively is designed to reduce the friction and accelerate time-to-market for companies of all sizes.”

A commercial IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Xively is based on — and extends the capabilities of — LogMeIn’s proven Gravity Cloud platform, the secure, highly scalable cloud environment that underpins LogMeIn’s popular SaaS offerings, and connects hundreds of millions of devices and supports tens of millions of users in 240 countries. This first-of-its-kind commercial service simplifies and accelerates the interconnection of applications, devices, data, and places on the IoT with users through meaningful applications.

Xively Cloud Services speeds IoT-based innovations by offering:
— An open, Platform as a Service that provides real-time messaging,
      directory services and data services, including a times-series database
      and analytics, all of which are accessible through a standards-based API
      that supports dozens of languages.
— A frictionless developer experience that simplifies complex technologies
      through an intuitive Developer Workbench, Developer Center, libraries
      that support hundreds of platforms, millions of gateways and billions of
      devices, and highly scalable provisioning and management capabilities
      that can support one to one billion devices.
— Granular and secure sharing combined with directory services that provide
      the ability to selectively share device data and control. This enables a
      commons called the Xively Connected Object Cloud(TM), which allows
      selective interconnection of a business’ devices with third-party devices
      into an exponentially capable solution and experience.
— A simple “Pay as You Grow” pricing model that dramatically lowers the
      barrier to entry for innovators and established brands alike.
— A fundamental philosophy written into the Terms of Service that specifies
      customers own their data and can choose whether or not to share all, part
      or none of it.

Availability and pricing:

Xively is available immediately with full pricing options available on the Xively website.