Jira Cloud is the latest solution to offer no-code capabilities to its users. Atlassian has announced no-code automation is now available natively in Jira Cloud.

“Even the most inspiring initiatives can get bogged down in the monotony of everyday tasks, like manually assigning work or sending passive-aggressive reminders to update a status. It’s everyone’s fantasy to cast aside that busywork and focus on the meaningful challenges we signed up for,” Matt Ryall, head of product for Jira Software, wrote in a post.

The capabilities come from the company’s acquisition of Automation for Jira last October. Automation for Jira is a no-code rules builder. “Imagine creating an issue and seeing its sub-tasks populated instantly. Or automatically linking two issues when one of them is mentioned inside the other. How about some automated onboarding and permissioning? These are just a tiny fraction of the possibilities,” Noah Wasmer, head of tech teams at Atlassian, wrote at the time of the acquisition.

The new release features the ability to automate tedious and repetitive tasks; ability to organize teams, tools and process; ability to work across Jira Cloud products; integration with collaboration tools, and automates process spanning DevOps and IT operations teams.

“And, perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to use. You’ll have more power, without the complexity. According to a survey of existing Automation for Jira customers, more than half of people who have automated their work with Jira say it saves them more than six hours per month, and 87 percent say it helps them scale the way their organizations work,” Ryall wrote.

Additionally, users can drag and drop if-this-then-that rules together. Some use cases include keeping Jira up to date with rules like “if the last task for a bug fix changes to ‘done,’ close the parent issue and notify the support team,” and the ability to discover potential problems before they become an issue with rules like “if an urgent issue is raised by the CTO, send a Slack message to the support room and set SLA.”

“We envision a world where developers spend less of their valuable time in Jira (yes, really), and more time building valuable assets. Automation is now available out of the box to every user across the entire Jira Cloud family,” Ryall added.