To enable users to import content in bulk into SharePoint 2010, MetaVis on Monday released Information Manager for SharePoint 2010.

Embedded directly into SharePoint 2010, Information Manager gives users the ability to classify, upload and copy content to facilitate search, records management, and content organization, according to the company’s announcement of the release.

“While SharePoint 2010 provides tagging and classification technology, it is limited to individual items, making it an underutilized feature,” Peter Senescu, president and cofounder of MetaVis, said in the announcement. “Having classification capabilities and not using them is an opportunity lost for organizations.”

Information Manager allows users to copy content between different SharePoint sites, site collections, lists and libraries, as well as to import from file shares and retain or apply new metadata, according to MetaVis. During the copying or import, content types can be changed for selected documents or items, and metadata values can be added directly or selected from standard SharePoint columns.

MetaVis will be demonstrating Information Manager at SPTechCon in Boston, June 1–3.