To ease the migration of content to SharePoint 2010, MetaVis, provider of SharePoint migration solutions, now offers support for SharePoint 2010 Term Stores and Document Sets in its MetaVis Suite.

The Term Store Manager allows users to browse SharePoint 2010 term stores, and to copy term hierarchies, term sets or entire groups of terms between SharePoint servers. It also allows users to reorganize terms.

“This makes it easier for users to organize and reorganize their SharePoint sites as taxonomy structures evolve and change over time,” said MetaVis CEO and cofounder Steve Pogrebivsky.

“Enabling users to keep SharePoint organized makes governance easier to manage while improving SharePoint search and overall usage.”

MetaVis Suite also supports Document Sets in SharePoint 2010 sites. According to a company statement, this enables users to copy data using specific SharePoint 2010 features between SharePoint 2010 sites.