It has only been a few weeks since Microsoft released its “major” update to Team Foundation Server, TFS 2015 Update 2 (also known as TFS 2015.2), and already the company is releasing an update to address many complaints from its customers. The company announced it will be releasing a minor update, TFS 2015.2.1, designed to fix issues in Update 2.

“We’ve been watching the feedback on that release closely and we’ve seen more bugs reported than I’m comfortable with,” wrote Brian Harry, technical fellow working as the product unit manager for TFS, in a blog post. “Every release has some bugs, and we work to fix them in the subsequent Update (and provide hot fixes on demand), but this had enough that I’m uncomfortable making people ‘live with them’ for a few months. There aren’t really catastrophic issues, but taken together I don’t feel it’s as good as you deserve.”

The latest update will be available in about a week and will address 25 issues. “There’s no fixes for data corruption bugs or serious security holes or anything like that. So the update is by no means mandatory—just a way to get some fixes faster if you choose,” Harry wrote.