The cloud is front and center at Microsoft’s Build conference this year. Microsoft announced multiple developer tools and new cloud experiences to improve Azure in its competition against the leader in the cloud domain, Amazon.

The Azure tools aim to accelerate innovation in AI, MR and IoT from the intelligent cloud to intelligent edge, according to the company.

This includes new features for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), the open sourcing of Q# compilers and simulators, easy access through GitHub and new scalability options for Azure’s SQL database.

“Microsoft is committed to providing developers with trusted tools and platforms spanning every layer of the modern technology stack to build magical experiences that create new opportunities for everyone,” said Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft.

AKS is getting Kubernetes event-driven autoscaling (KEDA) that supports deployment of serverless event-driven containers on Kubernetes created in collaboration with Red Hat, and Azure Policy for AKS, which safeguards AKS clusters.

Amazon and Google have also come out with serverless database technologies.

Meanwhile, the enterprise identity system Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is on GitHub, which Microsoft bought last year for $7.5 billion. Developers can now use their existing GitHub account, including Azure Portal and Azure DevOps, to sign in to Azure.

In addition, Hyperscale (Citus) option in Azure Database for PostgreSQL was added to the SQL database to scale out compute, storage and memory resources as needed.