Raima Inc., which offers state-of-the-art embedded database and dataflow technologies, today announced that Mitsubishi Electric has chosen RDM Embedded 10 as the embedded database for their the data collection, storage, management and movement requirements.

“Mitsubishi has many applications in development that require the speed, reliability and flexibility that RDM Embedded 10 provides. RDM Embedded will give us the flexibility to develop applications on any industrial device with the knowledge that we will be able to feed information up-stream to SCADA systems. This flexibility is why we have made the decision to standardize on RDM Embedded 10.0 as the embedded database for the application software that we ship with our industrial controllers,” comments Chris Hazlewood, Strategic Alliance Manager Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

RDM Embedded 10 provides an industrial grade database platform that allows data to be stored, managed, and accessed directly within the industrial controller. This is in sharp contrast to traditional methods of data management which is accomplished indirectly via a higher-level PC database which can be slow and difficult to integrate with other applications and devices. RDM Embedded’s dataFlow technology simplifies the integration process enabling developers to solve complex application requirements with a few lines of code.