With Clickstream Analytics, users can deploy an end-to-end solution on their AWS accounts that can capture, ingest, store, analyze, and visualize their customers’ clickstreams from their web and mobile applications. A clickstream is the path through clicking on hyperlinks that any particular user goes through when visiting a website or app. 

Because this data can now be tracked in AWS,  organizations can keep their data within the security and compliance boundary of their AWS account. This offers them the opportunity to customize the processing while also providing analytics flexibility and assists businesses in maximizing the value extraction for their operations.

Business owners can combine clickstream analytics data with their existing business system data for insightful revelations. By storing clickstream analysis data in their AWS accounts, businesses can cross-reference this data with their current business system data, an operation that might prove complex when using third-party analytics solutions. These third-party offerings can also result in an artificial data silo, AWS explained.

The solution offers purpose-built Java and Swift SDKs for integration into mobile applications. These SDKs automatically gather data and furnish developers with a simple API for collecting app-specific data. They handle the minor tasks of locally buffering data, transmitting it to the backend, managing retries in case of communication errors, and more.

The solution is equipped with two pre-installed plugins: User-Agent enrichment and IP address enrichment, which add extra data related to the User-Agent and the IP address geolocation used by client applications.

By default, the solution provides an Amazon Redshift Serverless cluster to reduce costs, but users can select a provisioned Amazon Redshift configuration to suit their performance and budget needs.

The solution additionally offers a set of pre-assembled visualization dashboards to report user acquisition, activity, and engagement. These dashboards utilize the data available in Amazon Redshift. Users have the freedom to develop additional analytics and dashboards using their preferred tools and services.