Microsoft is continuing to announce new tools and updates for developers and enterprises at its annual conference Microsoft Ignite

The company revealed a new version of its programming language TypeScript, a public preview of Visual Studio Online and new AI-based features.

TypeScript 3.7 is now available
Microsoft’s superset of JavaScript has reached its latest version. TypeScript 3.7 includes features like optional chaining, nullish coalescing, assertion functions, better support for functions that return “never,” –declaration and –allowJs, more recursive type aliases, and more.

The company also plans on releasing the feature roadmap for TypeScript 3.8 soon. It has already released the iteration plan for the next update. 

A complete breakdown of new features can be found here

Visual Studio Online Public Preview now available
Visual Studio Online is an on-demand development environment. It allows developers to use Visual Studio remotely, allowing them to work with their projects on-the-go. 

Visual Studio Online extends Visual Studio Remote Code Developer, and both solutions can be used for long-term tasks like prototyping a new feature, or short-term tasks like reviewing pull requests.

Visual Studio IntelliCode updated with AI-enabled tooling
Visual Studio IntelliCode has also been updated with AI-enabled tooling. IntelliCode now provides developers with whole-line code completion suggestions. According to Microsoft, these suggested are gathered from the “collective intelligence of your trusted developer knowledge bases.”

It also offers AI-assisted refactoring, producing suggestions to a codebase that developers can easily apply.  

More information is available here

New previews of Visual Studio 2019
The company also released the third preview of Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4. New features in 16.4 include speedy code navigation, IntelliSense without Using Directives, argument completion, the ability to automatically re-train and acquire IntelliCode team models, and more. 

For Mac users, the company released a second preview of Visual Studio 2019 version 8.4. This release adds significant accessibility improvements to the IDEA and introduces support for .NET Core 3.1 Preview and Blazor. 

More information is available here

SQL Server 2019 available
Last year at Microsoft Ignite 2018, the company revealed SQL Server 2019. Today, that release is generally available.

This release provides improved performance, security, and intelligence over data. It introduces a new security feature, Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, which provides the ability to protect sensitive data, while still allowing it to be worked with. 

Microsoft also revealed that since announcing SQL Server 2019, it has seen 50% more adoption than SQL Server 2017, making it the highest performing SQL Server release to date. 

More information is available here.