Microsoft has unveiled the latest evolution of its design system, Fluent. Fluent 2 includes changes that aim to enable better collaboration and creativity. 

“We improved on the solid foundations from Fluent 1 and injected innovative additions. All to empower makers at every angle of the system to drive toward a single purpose. That purpose? One Microsoft across the products we offer, the services we provide, and the communities we make,” Microsoft wrote on its website.

New features include a more cohesive color system, token system, standardized corners, greater customizability, robust usage guidance, and accessibility notation.  

The new token system is designed to enable a more seamless handoff from design to development teams. 

Currently, Fluent 2 contains components for Web React, iOS, and Windows, and Android components are in the works. 

Fluent 2 has already been implemented by Microsoft in their recent redesign of Teams. “Our adoption of Fluent 2 was critical for this version of Teams which provides a range of benefits such as improved performance and accessibility. A robust theming system built with design tokens allows us to seamlessly integrate with other products built using Fluent 2 and enables us to make holistic design-language updates in an efficient and systematic way,” said Kay Davis, principal design manager at Microsoft.