Microsoft revealed its plans for Visual Studio through June 2020. The main focus will be on addressing top consumer feedback, improving UI Automation properties for better screen reader experiences, and improving performance. 

The developers behind Visual Studio laid out all of the planned adjustments that involve working with various languages and frameworks and added icons for features that are either in progress or completed. 

“Our goal is to clarify what’s coming so you can plan for upgrades and provide feedback on which features would make Visual Studio a more productive development environment for you and your team,” Microsoft wrote in a post that contains the roadmap in greater detail. 

On the roadmap, the focus is also on the ability to search and navigate within large or across multiple repositories, and improve support for networks using conditional access. 

As per user feedback, documents and tool windows pinned in the document well are now remembered between sessions. Other completed adjustments include the added ability to group open documents by project in vertical tabs and the ability to minimize and maximize buttons on the Start window. 

“Our roadmap is driven largely by what we learn through ongoing customer research, as well as the feedback we get via our Developer Community portal. These features and time frames represent our current plans but may change based on what we learn,” Microsoft said, adding that additional features could be voted and commented on in the Developer Community Portal. 

Microsoft added that it will continue to enhance the capabilities of Visual Studio 2019 with frequent minor version updates.

The full roadmap is available here.