Microsoft introduced updates to allow for more customizable workflows, including the ability to sync one’s Visual Studio theme with their Windows theme so that reading can become easier depending on background light. 

Moving forward, Microsoft said it is looking to increase flexibility for managing tabs and documents through color coding and customizing tabs. The company will also introduce a range of new theming capabilities that will help developers make Visual Studio their own. 

Additional details are available here

SolarWinds DBA xPress now free

DBA xPress product is now available as a free tool for data professionals who need to understand how a data environment is visually structured.

The tool helps compare, synchronize, script, and navigate data and schemas while enabling data pros to seamlessly adopt DataOps and automate their releases. 

“To succeed in migrating from one environment to another, teams need to optimize their data to maximize the performance of cloud-hosted databases and adopt solutions that enable DataOps practices to drive efficiency and productivity. We’re hoping to kickstart and simplify this optimization process for DBAs, DevOps teams, tech pros, and business leaders alike by offering DBA xPress for free,” said Rohini Kasturi, the chief product officer at SolarWinds.

GrammaTech announces latest version of SAST platform CodeSonar  

GrammaTech today announced a new version of CodeSonar which automates the detection of coding defects to accelerate the implementation of DevSecOps methodologies in embedded software development pipelines.  

CodeSonar now supports all of the main software development languages in one unified platform. It extends native static application security testing (SAST) capabilities for embedded code, and also provides built-in industry-specific reports for security (CERT, OWASP) and safety (AUTOSAR, MISRA, and more). 

“Embedded application development teams in the same organization often use different languages depending on the product they are working on, and in most industries must comply with specific safety and security standards,” said Vince Arneja, chief product officer for GrammaTech. “CodeSonar now provides comprehensive language support as well as standards compliance tools in one unified platform that is both automated and transparent for end-users. With integrations to CI/CD solutions like GitHub Actions, we make it easy for development teams to accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps.” 

Starburst announces latest version of Starburst Enterprise

Starburst announced the latest version of Starburst Enterprise, which provides Starburst customers with net new capabilities alongside more advanced connectivity, improved performance, and more security features.

One of the new capabilities, Starburst Cached Views expands the idea of traditional materialized views to be applied to the data mesh and it allows domain experts to enrich, transform, and move data according to their needs. 

“Achieving a successful data mesh architecture requires the ability to access data in disparate systems and sources. Starburst Cached Views enables users to query data from other systems, and transparently cache that data in their own domain for increased performance,” said Matt Fuller, the vice president of product and co-founder of Starburst Data. “This can provide significant performance advantages by precalculating complex queries and joins and caching closer to consumers. It can also significantly reduce data egress costs and enable domain experts to create a performant semantic layer.”