Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, load testing tools for web and mobile applications, today announced the launch of NeoSense, a new synthetic production monitoring tool.

NeoSense, now available with a 30-day Free Trial version, leverages the proven test design capabilities of Neotys’ load and performance testing tool, NeoLoad, to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles even for complex business apps and the latest technologies. NeoSense generates synthetic users in production and actively monitors the performance and availability of critical business transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically alert you of any issues before they become problems for real users.

“We are very excited to deliver a solution that extends NeoLoad’s web and mobile technology capabilities to production. NeoSense makes it easy and efficient for companies to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of their web and mobile apps in production,” says Gerald Labie, CEO Neotys USA. “NeoSense gets the entire team aligned, creating a single version of the truth that unifies business and IT. Business users see dashboards with high level graphs of performance trends and availability in familiar terms while technical users can drill down to business transaction details providing data on the request and response level.”

NeoSense Key Capabilities
Supports the latest web and mobile application technologies
•    Monitor any new technologies added to your applications
Unmatched Realism
•    Monitor complex application scenarios from multiple locations
•    Record and replay real device behaviors
Fast & Powerful
•    Scriptless, GUI-based design
•    Easily design use cases and configure monitoring profiles
Actionable Insights
•    Clear and intuitive dashboards for KPIs, significant events, application performance and health
•    Drill down beyond business transactions to specific pages, elements, requests and responses
Synergy Between QA and Ops
•    NeoLoad + NeoSense means less work and more value for QA and Ops teams
•    Bridges the DevOps gap for application performance
Business & IT Collaboration
•    Business and IT work together to define the critical user paths to monitor
•    Business transaction level creates common language between business and IT
For complete details of the benefits of NeoSense, click here.


NeoSense 1.0 is available immediately. Interested parties can now download the Free Trial.