Teradata is offering a new Teradata OLAP Connector to provide Excel PivotTable users with direct access to real-time data for online analytical processing. The connector links Excel spreadsheets to Teradata’s analytics software.

ThoughtWorks Studios is offering Go Mobile, a collection of content, best practices and technical solutions for building and deploying applications for the Android, BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad platforms. Go Mobile include a discussion site, an automated testing tool for iOS, agile release management for mobile applications, and demo software.

Electric Cloud is offering new plug-ins for its ElectricCommander production management system for Gerrit and Git development tools, as well as support for automated testing on Android devices. The company also announced improvements to the ElectricAccelerator build manager to support fast Android software builds. These new enhancements automate and accelerate software production processes for both pure-Android and cross-platform device development.

Novell is now offering SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11 on Amazon Web Services, with pricing based on hourly usage.  The offerings will be available in all virtual machine sizes and in every AWS region worldwide. Novell will provide a maintenance service on AWS so customers can keep their SLES instances up-to-date with security patches, bug fixes and new features.

Intersoft Solutions has added 188 new tools and controls for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF to its WebUI Studio presentation layer tool set. Version 2010 has updates to the ClientUI control library. The new visual controls include iPhone-style sliding navigation, a rich-featured calendar, and a rating system. The tool set also includes events, routed commands, fluid drag-drop, journal-aware navigation supporting deep nested links, and an advanced binding framework with MVVM-ready architecture.

Fortran developers using Windows will be interested in Fortran Builder 5.2, from Numerical Algorithms Group. Fortran Builder provides a Fortran-aware editor, build system, GUI debugger and help system. This version offers more information, including line numbers displayed in runtime messages; quad precision, real and complex; a multi-threaded I/O library; and an improved RANDOM_NUMBER generator. This release also added more Fortran 2003 features, including unlimited polymorphics, procedure pointers, object-bound procedures, allocatable scalars, deferred character length, more intrinsic functions in initialization expressions, reallocating assignment, and recursive I/O.

The Commons Compress team is offering version 1.1 of its API for working with compression and archive formats, such as bzip2, gzip, ar, cpio, jar, tar and zip. Common Compress 1.1, which is hosted at, includes a command-line interface to list archive contents, and the ability to work with encrypted entries.

The new version of WorkLight Mobile Platform lets developers and IT professionals build and easily integrate new iPhone, iPad and iPod apps with enterprise systems. This new version offers iOS support for back-end enterprise connectivity, and provides the ability to connect existing native applications with enterprise infrastructure. The software includes a native library that enables connectivity to back-end enterprise and cloud services through the WorkLight Server; authentication mechanisms to enable custom authentication on the client-side, such as two-factor authentication or keylogger protection; infrastructure for running applications at scale and with fast performance, including caching, clustering, and load-balancing support; and management and reporting of end-user statistics, including application-specific events.

Veryant has updated its isCOBOL Application Platform Suite to offer greater customization and control of COBOL-friendly application development tasks. With version 2010r2, users have the option to maintain separate settings for various operating modes (Debug mode, Release mode, User-defined modes), and can specify which runtime properties to use when launching programs from the Eclipse-based isCOBOL IDE. The software has a new GUI to move data from indexed file systems into relational databases such as DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. A new utility lets developers instantly read, modify, add or delete individual records stored in an indexed file from a GUI interface.

Virtualization company Spoon has updated its Browser Sandbox, which lets developers run browsers from the Web without needing to download or install them on the development workstation. This version works with Chrome 5, Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5. In addition, Browser Sandbox can now launch applications from within Chrome and Opera. Spoon was previously known as Xenocode.

Neelan Choksi has been named the new president and COO of Tasktop Technologies, the company behind the Eclipse Mylyn project management system. Choksi most recently served as the CEO for Lexcycle, the company that developed the Stanza ebook software; Lexcycle was acquired by Amazon in 2009. He takes over from Mik Kersten, who remains CEO and CTO.