OpenMake Software today announced the Release of OpenMake Meister 7.4 which includes new features for managing software releases such as a binary repository and server configuration management. Meister 7.4 extends the features of the 7.3 Remote Agent technologies incorporating improved Server Management with automatic Cloud provisioning.

Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software explains, “Meister 7.4 provides our customers a consolidated platform for managing a software release from build through production release.  Our customers have fully automated their build process, eliminating error-prone build script.  Now they can do the same with the deployment process, further minimizing the risk associated to the release process.”

Meister 7.4 includes Server Pooling, a Binary Repository, the management of environment variables and server configurations as well as enhanced metric reporting and graphs.  Stephen King, CEO of OpenMake Software stated, “OpenMake Software continues to provide superior centralized control over the Build functionality of the build to release process.  Meister 7.4 extends this control into the Deploy function providing an integrated solution for managing the full build to deploy process.”

The Meister deployment features have also been extended to OpenMake Software’s Mojo Max 7.4.  The 7.4 versions of both OpenMake Meister and OpenMake Mojo Max can be downloaded from <