OPNET Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPNT), a leading provider of high definition application and network performance management solutions, today announced a new
service for clients and partners to ensure successful migration of applications to cloud computing environments. OPNET’s Cloud Readiness Performance Assessment offering controls the risks associated with such a migration, thereby accelerating the move to cloud computing and ensuring end-to-end application performance.

Cloud computing encompasses several approaches, from implementing server virtualization within the organization’s own data center to offer flexible computing resources to business users, to running applications on a cloud provider’s infrastructure and paying as a function of resource consumption. Cloud computing can offer significant benefits, including reduced operating costs and greater flexibility in deploying applications. However, like any major change to the operating environment, it can have a significant impact on application, performance. Additionally, vital application performance management functions can be hindered because cloud-based approaches can reduce end-to-end application visibility.

The Cloud Readiness Performance Assessment takes advantage of OPNET’s industry-leading expertise to analyze applications and their dependencies prior to deployment. Leveraging proven methodologies and tools, it accurately predicts how an application will perform when migrated to the cloud. OPNET’s consultants develop recommendations to address any issues that are found, and generate a plan to effectively manage performance after deployment into the cloud. The offering also assists the organization in determining which applications are best suited for migration to the cloud with respect to performance considerations.

“Our customers have clearly expressed concerns about the impact of cloud computing on their business applications. OPNET’s new Cloud Readiness Performance Assessment service directly addresses this need by combining our field-proven experience with our suite of monitoring, troubleshooting, and planning solutions,” stated Marc Cohen, OPNET Chairman and CEO. “Our service was also developed in response to requests from our partners who require our focused application performance expertise to enhance their broad range of cloud migration and cloud computing services.”

The Cloud Readiness Assessment offering is available now from OPNET
Technologies, Inc.