Fed up with the time it takes to download and initialize development projects for testing locally, developer at GoThinker Eric Simons decided it was time for something better. That’s why him and his team set out to make this week’s project of the week — StackBlitz, an onlineVS Code  IDE that allows you to live edit React and Angular CLI projects in-browser.

It’s as simple as changing the “github.com” in your repro’s URL to “stackblitz.com/github,” and you’ll be able to share examples, demos and apps with ease, according to Simons. 

“StackBlitz comes out of the box with all of the functionality you’d expect in your local VS Code environment, like intellisense, go to definition, hot reloading, full access to npm and much, much more,” Simons, StackBlitz co-founder, wrote in a blog post about the project.

Because a new StackBlitz project is created every time a “live-example” link is clicked, which allows StackBlitz to always keep up with changes to your codebase, and their in-browser dev server lets users keep editing even offline.

Though Stackblitz is only in beta, Angular has already moved all of their official Angular.io documentation examples to the platform, allowing users to tinker and learn.

You can visit their website now to start projects in Angular TS, React ES6, Ionic TS, Svelte ES6, React TS, Auth0 Angular, Angular JS ES6 or blank TypeScript and support for Vue CLI projects are coming soon, Simons said in a tweet.

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